TOO FAR. A short story.

Once upon a time?

Time time time?

There was a Princess And a Prince.   There was also a Queen. They lived in a palace.

It was bigger

One day, the Queen told the Princess, “You should get married in the holidays.”

The Princess said, “No. We shall not get married in the holidays. That is too far! We shall get married on Sunday.”

The queen said, “That’s a good idea. It’s night time. Let’s go to bed.”

They all went to bed.

In the morning, the Princess and Prince went to church and got married.






(Now married)

That’s the end.


Written by Gabriella Faith Laker.

Apenyo’s note: Yesterday night, I was writing a stubborn story. It was fighting me, throwing sand into my metaphors and spitting at my grammar. So when Gabby, my seven year old sister tapped my shoulder, I exploded. “Can’t you see I’m busy? Do you want me to stop being a writer? Who will buy you nice dresses then? mmh?”

She pulled a face and said, “You milo milo you’re fake. You’re always chasing me out of the room mbu you want to write. Now, I’m a writer too!”

My ovaries spontaneously exploded from the cuteness of the rough draft when I first read it, and I hope yours have too. If you don’t have any, grow a pair.

12 thoughts on “TOO FAR. A short story.

  1. I dig this. And she is right. The holidays are too far. The time to do ish is Sunday! (I think I have now abandoned ‘Life is short’ for ‘Let’s get married on Sunday’. Is that OK?)

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  3. oh my!!! The NAMES!!!!! Let me look for you and friend you…and I will explain, because, we absolutely have to be friends. We just MUST! Here’s why…, wait, in other more relevant news, Gabriella and Daniella are adorable!

    • Hehehe. They make my life beautiful.

      But yea! I am easier to find, because my name is all over my blog. You’re all secretive on yours. Holla. Let’s be friends 🙂

      • Here’s why I am falling in love with your babies, “My” very first baby is called Laker (appropriately named because she is crown wearing material) her most recent sister is called Gabriella and her biggest brother is called Joshua… 🙂 Let me look for you …lol

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