On obsessions *(not the dead band)

Obsession. Definition: The unhealthy immersion of one’s mind, soul and (where applicable) body into something or somebody. Or even somewhere. It is possible for a creature to be madly obsessed with a patch of grass outside their house, but this creature is more likely to be a ruminant, than, you know, a person.

Was it Louis de Benieres who said a man is only as good as his last obsession? I have several, which hopefully means that I’ve got a vast personality and not something that can be diagnosed.

People/ things I’m crazy for:

Enygma: This perpetually masked MC who sounds like a serial killer that’s a male stripper on the side has got me good. He says ayayaya, I swoon. He talks about ten reasons to date MCees, I buy yet another def.i.ni.tion shirt with his name on it. If you haven’t, for minutes, stared at his mouth through his balaclava and tried to place it/ attach it to one of the Ugandan males you have met, you can’t possibly be as obsessed as I am.

Matooke: My mother is a matooke fiend. She’s the only other person I know who can comfortably eat pressed matooke and fried matooke together as a meal. Boiled, pressed, stewed, flash fried; it is my favorite ever. I haven’t gone a week in my life without stuffing my face with this exciting nyamsockable, so it qualifies as an obsession.

Damp Squid: There’s a blog on the interwebs called Damp Squid and it is the world’s true source of happiness. It is where all smiley faces are manufactured, where laughter is tested for authenticity. Dampsquid is fabulously funny and everybody deserves to visit it. Feel free to read all the posts twice (thrice, four times. Who’s counting?).

Kimbra: There’s a space in every girl’s life for Kate Nash and Lily Allen type music; cute, feely, sweet and slightly bleedy. I thought I’d stuffed that space to capacity until I met Kimbra. Her music is fabulous, her videos are adorable and she grooves like drunken cat. I’m in love.

Mac lipstick: Finding a brand of lipstick that works for you is the hardest thing. You’ll suffer rashes, cracks, actual rips, lip pimples, itchiness, etc. So when you chance upon a wonderful tube that produces sweet smelling, nicely colored grease with which you can accentuate your fabulous lips, bright red joy fills your heart and makes you do weird things like buying a whole box of the stuff.

Ecclesiastes: With the possible exception of Revelations, this is the only book in the Bible that was written with the attention span of the average youth in mind. Content- spot on. Delivery- fantastic. Length- short.  It tackles angst, despair and dispenses advice in an open, honest way. King Solomon is basically saying, “Cut the bullshit. Life is hard and pointless, but you need to enjoy it, especially when you’re young. Take care and spare a thought for God.” I don’t read it as often as I used to, but this list wouldn’t be complete without it.

And just so that I can stop judging myself, I’m going to mention my library. Those are my obsessions. Tell me about yours in the comment section.

16 thoughts on “On obsessions *(not the dead band)

  1. Damp Squid. Damp Squid and Damp Squid.

    Lemme go discover Enygma.. I have been over hearing things about him. And since he made number one, before Damp Squid and the library, I have to go see what he’s about.

      • Oba my list changes every week, but for the past month or so, I have been obsessed with damp squid, fried plantain, Erique (of ULK)’s writing, sleeping, Haitian men and Kamau Brathwaite 🙂

  2. Considering the capricious and what I like to think of as benignly obsessive nature of personality I would have to say for the next five minutes at least that mine consist of Carina Round, an amazing british singer/ songwriter I first heard while watching American Horror Story (another recent obsession of mine)…I have since then downloaded her entire discography. which leads me to my next current obsession– scouring for and downloading new music. recent discoveries include aforementioned singer, Polica, Beach House, Big K.R.I.T, The Used, Miike Snow, Robert Clasper, Yelawolf & that list is pretty long. And last but very much at the top of the list a very close mutual friend of ours whose name begins with a Kapital K…I’ll give you 3 guesses…

  3. Korean Dramas (current, slightly embarrassing obsession), great writing (always), white chocolate mochas, rum raisin ice cream, lychee frozen margaritas, honey wine, all the people I love, absolute quiet, warm vanilla sugar (lotion, body wash, body spray), handmade jewelry from a particular store on Spring street. Shoot, I could go on forever. 🙂

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