Make a date with Bussmann, or one of her jokes.

When you read a book and like it, you really hope the author is a nice person. You hope they’re the kind you wouldn’t mind buying a plate of food. Sometimes, you hope you make their dating bar and troll google images for pictures of their exes, that you save in your Die, bitches, Die folder.

If the writing is very good, you even end up sleeping with the book under your nightvest. Yea.

If Jane Bussmann had been rude and vague in the answering of her questions, this story would be more interesting. I’d be writing bad, rant-ey poems and you’d have reason to point and laugh at me. But she rocked, so it’s just regular Apenyo gushery. Sorry.

Her favorite food is an ‘ice cream’ that she came up with in Uganda. It involves sim sim odii, a banana, a blender and a freezer. I’m not going to try that shit, because it seems like a chap chap train to dios-land.

Her favorite author is Graham Greene.

One book character that she finds puzzling is the father in Things Fall Apart. She says, “That dude needs a shrink and maybe some marital counseling. Infact, haha, imagine a version with a shrink written in! Imagine those conversations!”

This is what she thinks about Kony 2012:

“Uganda’s is a most incredible story. The reception of this video shows how big the story is and how interested the world can be. We could have two years’ worth of Oprah from Uganda alone!”(laughs)

She says, “Instead of rowing about the video, I think people should write and present their own stories. There’s just so much story potential in Uganda and Ugandans should grab it.” I agree.

On writing:

You know this chick writes a lot, eh? If you walk around massaging your temples, complaining about your terribly big load, of three stories per week, check her IMDB profile out HERE

And she didn’t even bat A level.

One of my excuses for not being serious about my short stories is that I spend all my mojo writing for manya Plan B, Stiletto Point and others. This is the advice she has for writers who want to become writer writers:

“I did one thing that worked and one thing that didn’t work. But I figure you want to know the one that worked. I hadn’t planned to write this book, so when it hit me that I could write it, I was very excited. I bought three family sized bars of chocolate and five boxes of diet coke and then locked myself in a little room and just wrote.

The first part of Worst Date Ever was done in 3 weeks and the second in 5 weeks but because I hadn’t planned on writing the book, the silliest things kept dragging me back. I’d make just…so many calls to find out the name of a bar, or a street. It was so stupid! So it’s really important to take notes. You never know what might hit you as a splendid book idea, so just take as many as you can.  Also, carry whole lot of food to your hideout.”

Jane Bussmann is doing what I aspire to do, and doing it well. One day, when I get my shit together and start to write with a direction in mind, it’s her fabulousness that I’ll be looking up to.


So people, come and we watch her show at Mish Mash on the 20th of April. That’s Friday.  Buy a ticket early- 40,000bob, or at the door: 50b0b, or VIP: 90 bob (includes dinner) and come enjoy an evening in the company of this awesome comedy writer (South Park, Brass Eye, Smack the Pony).

One thought on “Make a date with Bussmann, or one of her jokes.

  1. “I think people should write and present their own stories. There’s just so much story potential in Uganda and Ugandans should grab it.”

    Word! 🙂

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