My entire HEL/D class was obsessed with law. We were told we wouldn’t amount to much if we failed/ refused to get into law school. I rebelled against my father and my mind by wiggling my way into Mass Communication (thank the Lord). Balamaga has written a sad and amusing post about what it really means to be a law student in Uganda. Enjoy.

Every experience is writing material

Things They Haven’t Told You About Studying Law.

My dear friend Qatahar, I heard the news about your admission to the noble course and I was really excited about your achievement. Finally! You’re just 5 years away from attaining your childhood (if not your father’s) dream. I know you asked for this pep talk a while ago but having failed to make the time to meet you in person, I’ve decided to write you this letter. I’ve sent it open, I hope you won’t mind.

In this, I give you a sneak-peek into what you’re going to experience- if the things I’ve heard and witnessed are anything to go by. I’ll try to concentrate on what you may not have been told (purposely or inadvertently) by the people who encouraged you take the path of the learned fellows. You’ll have to forgive me if this letter comes off as…

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