Dear Mamalai,

It’s been one fake, lonely, boring, tear-filled year and I miss you. The silliness,  the indignation you had on standby, the stories, the shyness, the boldness, the color, the quarreling, the plans, the laugh…how unfair that all of you just disappeared with no warning whatsoever.   I’m very sad today, but I’ll be better tomorrow.

I hope you’re happy and proud (kubanga we’re trying hard).

Love yai,


4 thoughts on “Mamalai.

  1. I am proud of you…and we haven’t really met, even if we have in all the ways that count for us (literary ones)… The way you talk (write) about Daniella and Joshua and Gabriella is heartwarming…she did good…so yes, she must be…she is proud

  2. Hiya Sweetness. One year later and still no words to ease the hurt in even the slightest way. I heart you, I hope you know that? I am proud of you, the way you’ve been there for your babies. And kept writing. And found a boy 🙂
    And not given up on life.
    You’re one hell of a fighter Miz. Kyrte. And if we’re all overflowing with pride, your “Mamalai” is most def beaming.
    Hugs my darling. And kisses.

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