It happened! My first runner’s high.

You guuuyys I experienced my first runner’s high today!  It’s cold out, drizzling a bit and I’m able to run longer and harder on cold days. This was my route: Down Kanjokya street (From Maad Advertising) then up the road that leads to Lohana with a 50 second walking break. I continued past Lohana and ran that straight stretch leading to Kololo then turned around. Again, I allowed myself a short walking break.

I ran down the road leading to Kisementi and it was as I was climbing back to Kanjokya when it hit. That full body orgasm they call the runner’s high. Try and remember the best, the warmest, the giddiest, the most elated you’ve ever felt and then forget it because it falls one centimetre below that feeling. Mama nyabo!

I felt like:

An orange being peeled and then being placed into a bowl of warm water.

Like what a moulting snake must feel when the last centimetre of its casing falls off.

Like a baby being thrown up into the air.

Like a cat sneaking into it’s owner’s bed at night and settling next to their bum.

Like a person with some glorious disorder that makes them jizz from the head down.

You guys I felt so happy, I started to laugh like a hyena with a torn mouth.  I couldn’t even continue running. I just giggle-walked back to office.

I love this running life.

(I’m trying but failing miserably to upload a picture of my sweaty, grinning face off my phone, so I’m just going to find my happiest picture and cain it below this sentence).

Hyena. Torn mouth. Ooh yea.

5 thoughts on “It happened! My first runner’s high.

  1. You run at your office?!? Lucky you! I get home too tired for my jog these days. Maybe i should carry my jogging kit to work and race taxis come 5pm…

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