Lend me your tear tales and I’ll give you mine.

I’ve been doing a bit of reflection lately and that has come with much weeping. Much? No. A WHOLE LOT of crying. Everywhere and damn near all the time. I’ve been crying roughly as much as Kampala’s sky (it has only beaten me in the hailstone department).

During a particularly wild, juddering, snot-on-blouse, veiny eyed session, it occurred to me that crying can be good, even funny fodder for stories if well documented. Now whenever I notice that I am pulling a new style of crying, I grab a pen and write a line or a paragraph describing it. Some of those are really good.

How big or small a crier are you? Have you cried in public before?  Have you mastered the art of crying without tears (where you swallow the tears instead of letting them roll)?  Hi-five me if you’ve done the Chester Bennington scream!

Hi-five yourself if you’ve done the scream without the sound.

What makes you cry? Books? Lost love? A promotion? A demotion?

Losing to your arch nemesis?

And how do you cry? I’d like all of your spicy tear-tales for a short story.

Or maybe a Stiletto Point article. I don’t know yet.

Comment or email mildredwriterchick@gmail.com with some?


I will attribute, of course.

If you want.

2 thoughts on “Lend me your tear tales and I’ll give you mine.

  1. I do scream every now and again although most of the time it’s because I’m winning. I guess it’s safe to say I am a winning screamer. I rarely scream when in pain, hurt or disappointment. At such times I often just stroll off, head hung low, tail between my legs and find a quiet corner where I reflect…take a few drinks, make some wrong decisions, feel better about myself and then move on with my life.

    • Hah. Make some wrong decisions. Why is that when we’re low, our first 10,000 impulses are to go out and make decisions we wouldn’t otherwise make? Some people go totally out of character.
      Yours isn’t exactly a tear-tale and so it won’t make it to the story, but thanks for reading and commenting.

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