Dare to Smell: Aloe Vera gel Saves the Day

Aloe Vera is incredible. It is self healing, can survive with little or no attention, is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, great for skin, hair, genitals, you name it. For a while, I have been writing about the weeks during which I abandoned mainstream deodorant and went on a quest to find a natural substance that would do away with body odor.

 Find Part one here and Part two here.

When I first decided to put freshly harvest aloe gel under my armpits, I was just playing around. I didn’t expect it to work, but it did. It eliminated the stench-causing bacteria in my armpits for three days. But on the fourth day it failed.

My theory is this: Aloe vera stopped working because I had become distressed. I know this sounds a bit of, but I am just recounting what happened to me (with zero embellishments). A person to whom I’d been quite attached passed out of my life quite abruptly and immediately, I began to smell appalling. Stress makes you sweat more so that must have been a factor, but this wasn’t regular stress. I took to applying fresh aloe vera gel thrice a day but still, I smelt like a dead snake.  The smell of distress is like a moan from the very soul of your armpits.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I didn’t care. I mean, who worries about vubs when their hearts is bleeding?  After all, God didn’t create the nose with special instructions to smell only perfume.

I only snapped out of my funk after what I call the Kisaasi bus incident.  It was the end of a long day and as I walked to the place at Kamwokya stage where Kisaasi taxis congregate,  I made a short prayer that I would find a window seat. It had been a rough day, worse than usual and I smelt both sweaty and distressed.

Alas, there weren’t any empty window seats and so I had to settle for a middle one in the back row. To my right was a lovely looking girl and to my left was a nice enough guy. He made space for me, even smiled. Nobody smiles at a stinky person right? Wrong.

My neighbor on the right was having a fit. She began by pushing the window as wide open as it could go. She then held her tiny nose between her delicate fingers and winced. I looked at the guy on the left and he was having no reaction! I almost asked her if I smelt weird, but I knew the answer to that, so I kept mum.

Eventually, I became irritated with what I saw as a gross overreaction on her part. She was practically holding her breath. Do you know how long it takes to get to Kisaasi from Kamwokya? To have somebody risk death, just so that they don’t have to breath your stink in, that hurts. I felt she was being overtly mean.

Eventually, she moved out of the bus. There’s nothing like a beautiful girl reacting with horror to your presence to help you pick yourself up.

I didn’t start using anything different. Rather, I began to apply aloe vera even in the night before sleeping. Since the smell had been brought on my my distress, I decided to proactively deal with my feelings of loss, denial, anger and fear that all break ups come with. Sadness is no excuse to smell like a he-goat.

My armpits have healed over completely. They no longer look fried by chemicals and are absolutely flawless. An added bonus is that even when I forget to apply aloe, I smell like nothing. 

Recently, I went to Forever living and bought an aloe deodorant. I am OK with most of its ingredients although tricoslan has many weird reviews on the internet. Many days, I’m happy to go without. Occasionally, I go back to applying fresh gel, but  I’d really rather eat the aloe that surrender it to my pits.

So what do you think of my journey? Would you abandon mainstream deos for more natural alternatives?

21 thoughts on “Dare to Smell: Aloe Vera gel Saves the Day

  1. Thanks for the posts. They’ve been so amusing and insightful! The only natural product I have ever tried is bombo but I was in a boarding primary school. It was compulsory for all girls above 9 to wash with it once a week, I doubt it had much of an effect since I hadn’t hit puberty. As I got older I moved on to mainstream deos. I had to use a roll-on and then a spray on top since the funk was unbearable and I sweat a lot. Anyway, now that I am a young adult, I’ve been using the Forever living deo for 4 years now and I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t even “hear” myself smell. 🙂 When I run out I use the Forever aloe gelly, (it’s squeezed aloe vera preserved in a tube so its the closest thing to fresh aloe if you can’t harvest) also works wonders! I will definitely try out the freshly squeezed plant once I find it.

    • Thanks for reading, s.n.m. I’m glad you enjoyed them.
      I’m also enjoying your name very much.

      The Forever Living deo is working well so far, although I dislike the ka subtle perfume. I’d love a completely scentless one.

      I have been considering making some mint and rosemary oil to give myself a smell, but that hasn’t taken off yet.

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  3. Aloe vera is one of the best herb for skin, hair and overall health. I would like to sahre an article on the benefits of Aloevera gel and juice. Would like to share some tips and recipes of aloe vera too. Find out the free recipes here.


  4. thanks for this article. it’ s only my second night applying fresh aloe but i can see remarkable impro vement on my armpit. it’s disturbingly dark. one kid even mentioned as a matter of fact. i made husband takr a picture of my dark armpit and he kidded it might ruin the cam. while he was taking picture, he teased that it’s so dark he can’t see anything from the lens. but i want to have a before and after xpicture of this aloe journey.

  5. You’re writing is absolutely hilarious! You must be a writer. I’m making a spray with aloe vera juice and witch hazel, and lemon oil. Have you tried virgin coconut oil for bad beo days. I find it removes all smell, even if applied onto a smelly pit.

    • Also, pure aloe vera gel or juice, preferably inner filet only, without the skin, is very good for stomach and gut health. I try to take 4 Tbsp into a glass of juice like carrot and some maple syrup. Not so delicious but drinkable.

  6. Aha, This article/post made me laugh. This is my second day usine aloe vera gel, I think? Its working so far, I dont smell l’île onion as my coworker says when I smell too much 😛

  7. I’ve been using Aloe Gel in place of deodorant for the past several months. It’s awesome! I used to use a brand name deodorant but I had a rash on my left armpit so on a whim I decided to put aloe on it. On the right pit I used my regular deodorant. The next day in the shower I could smell my right pit but no smell from the left with aloe. Been using it ever since, I smell less, no chemicals and no rashes.

  8. Since I have been using aloe Vera for my cancer radiation burns ,I was not supposed to use deodorants,,,,have been using aloe under my armpits ,,,it works better then any deodorant,,,no smell,no perspiration ,,,it is fantastic I love it,,,I doubt I will ever
    go back on using regular deodorants

  9. This is good..I just got a natural deodrant ..I hope t really works the way it did for u ..because this odor reallyakes me feel uncomfortable

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