Herbs and indiscreet (happy?) vibrations

I met Godiva yesterday and it was wonderful. She’s a fantastic womyn whose tweets I find infinitely retweetable.  Our plan was to buy some herbs, actually, a lot of herbs and I’m pleased to report that we were successful.

The stretch after Mukwano Industries is lined with an impressive collection of plants and that’s where we finally convinced our bodamen to drop us. Ko these guys. Ever to throw us the most dubious of looks. Their tiny eyes were just swimming with lechery. I understand that we looked good, but that was some other level, punch deserving behavior.


I got sage, peppermint, thyme, three lemon balms (my favorite), parsley, some lavender and a plant that you can burn to get rid of mosquitoes. Unfortunately, I can’t remember its name. When you bruise its leaf, you release a smell similar to BOB insecticide, only less toxic.

Kaka a.k.a tata herbs (0752927404) was nice enough to give us enyongezas plus boxes in which to haul our loot. He even organized bodas for us.

When I got back to office, I first of all:

Rapped to my herbs

They appreciated it.

Uh, uh, yo, yo, herbs, herbs, uh, uh.

Then I used them as an epic modeling prop

Wuluku! Who is that? It is Apenyo.

Wuluku! Who is that? It is Apenyo.

And finally, I achieved the ultimate: looking exactly like my mother

Anyayo's very own

Anyayo’s very own

My aim is to have a large, thriving herb garden and to convert all my siblings into sage burning, aloe eating, ginger/honey bath loving, plant adoring people. I’m on the right track!

In other news, earth shakes! Quake quakes! Who is mother earth’s new boyfriend/girlfriend? And can’t she have quiet orgasms, considering how many creatures live on her? I’m happy that she’s getting laid, but she needs to be a bit discreet about the way she expresses her enjoyment.

For serious, I was terrified last night. The first tremor was not so bad. I didn’t panic. My dad though. He went all: EVACUATE THE PREMISES! WHERE IS THE BABY?! WHERE IS THE BABY?!

Now I’d left Daniella on my bed, happily tinkering with the contents of my handbag. One of our helpers must have  grabbed her because I found the bed empty when I went to fetch her. You guys my terror was for world! For I moment I even thought the rapture was upon us.

Meanwhile, the tremor had ended but had dad’s panic decreased? No. It had just spread to everybody else.  I found them all outside the house, recovering from their craziness.

The second tremor happened at around 1am and it was strong enough to wake and abandon me in the land of the sleepless.

It’s OK for earthquakes/shakes/tremors to happen during the day. In fact, it’s awesome (when they’re not destructive).

But during the night? Nothing is allowed to steal the calm predictability of the night. That’s a sin right there! I’m waiting for somebody from the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness to say something. Abaaye, tell us if we need to migrate to the moon.

In unhappy news, I have missed the Stiletto Point bus. My last two weeks have been full of existential crises and soulless essays, making it impossible for me to write good stories. Naye worry not. My time and enthusiasm are back! I’m going to be sending my editor a nice bunch of articles soon.

Meanwhile, check his website out. He’s a cool dude.

7 thoughts on “Herbs and indiscreet (happy?) vibrations

  1. I know that little green patch past Mukwano, never stopped there but it does look like you could find some interesting things there…theres even a glass makers shop on that stretch, just before the turn off to Nsambya.

    Your box of herbs does make an awesome modeling prop!

    And yes the quakes last night were so surreal, i happened to be alone during both of them, so was a little worried my mind my being more active than usual! You were not the only one who lost sleep last night!

    • Glass blowers fascinate me so much! I must check those guys out.

      Alone! Sorry madam. Was your first thought: demons?
      I’m now feeling fake for not using the quakes as an excuse to arrive at office late. I mean insomnia brought on by terror can cause serious disorientation/ light madness. I need to find a psychiatrist to back me up. This is doable!

  2. I was lucky in that the quake woke me, and then I went straight back to sleep. Those herbs look amazing! I am adding this to my ever expanding list of things to buy.

    • The drizzle that came maybe 2 hours after the second quake is the only reason I’m not a zombie today! I jealous you this ability to just fall back into sleep.

      On the herbs, yes! Visit Kaka asap. Aren’t you in and out of Uganda though? Who will mother them when you’re gone?

  3. Wow….am already a lover of herbs but after this enticing read trust me i just added more onto ma list plus that tata herb contact…merci mademoiselle. 😛 🙂

  4. Citronella I think…the insect repellent plant. And I like the “where’s the baby!” Lol your dad reminds me of my momma

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