Who is this Apenyo?

My twitter bio is probably the best description of myself that I’ll ever write. It’s taken me almost two years to get it perfect:

I write. I like some cats. I love food, stories, travel, bodies, laughter and dancing.

And pretty shit.

Dashall. I write for my beer, shoes and books.

I have an unfortunately named column in Sunday Vision, one that makes people look me up, down and up again with disappointment in their eyes. It is called Stiletto Point. I am never as glamorous as they expect.

This picture doesn't fit here. I just really like my head.

This picture is plenty glamorous. It doesn’t fit here. I just take every opportunity to show my head off.

Because poverty is not an option, I write copy for an advertising agency called Maad Advertising. I agree with their name completely.

I recently decided to give fiction a go and have found that the world is generally appreciative of it.

I’ve been published in:

Eleven Eleven Journal

Uganda Modern Literary Digest

and twice on Short Story Day Africa:

First time

Second time, baby!

I also contribute pieces about bungee jumping, getting baked and other fun activities to Muwado.

And funny stuff to Urban Legend Kampala.

I also go to fun events and write reviews for Proggie.ug

So hey, person. Stay a while and let me know you were here.


Mildred Apenyo.

16 thoughts on “Who is this Apenyo?

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  2. I had chance to learn from Apenyo at EMDI,Kampala. She is immensely empowered, her flow of ideas is like water from a running tap. The vibrancy keeps one guessing her level of exposure. Her demonstrable energies and intellectual prowess are quite engaging.

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